Offering the work of Patrick Alexander Architect as a product, rather than professional services.

This family of homes uses the house profiled above as seed stock.  Completed in 2000 at 1100 Jewell Street in Austin, Texas, the home is 20 years old and has aged remarkably well employing the time-honored best practices of traditional vernacular construction.  The house sits on a concrete foundation, providing a cooling thermal anchor impervious to water damage and formosan termites. The exterior wall materials, masonry and stucco, are chosen for their durability in this harsh climate.  Broad eave overhangs and awnings protect the windows from the degrading effects of sun and rain. The eave and awning assemblies are detailed to minimize the supporting wood’s exposure to sun and rain.  This wood is stained, not painted, further reducing life cycle costs.  The metal roof reflects heat and lasts a lifetime.  In short, the house is an aggregation of wise construction decisions, whose appearance improves with age.

Building on this success, all of these homes share this vernacular sensibility and a system of detailing, allowing the expedited publishing of an exceedingly thorough set of working drawings.  This systems oriented process provides front-end design certainty and dramatically collapses the time and expense typically associated with hiring an architect.

These plans are priced at $7 per conditioned square foot and most can be delivered within two weeks.  Site planning is available and highly recommended as an additional service. delivers speed, certainty and fiscal restraint to the design component of building a beautiful home.